Why use a tripod for your photography?

We’re a week into our “Creative Christmas” series and hopefully now you have a good handle on the basics of exposure and how the three settings of shutter speed, ISO and aperture will help you get the perfect exposure.

There are certain times when, in order to get the correct exposure, your shutter speed may be well beyond your capabilities of handle holding the camera – usually anything less than 1/60th and I’m looking to get my tripod out.

Fixing your camera to a tripod gives you the ability to use much slower shutter speeds than would otherwise be possible. For scenes such as landscapes where you’re probably going to be using something like f11 or f16 this may be a necessity.  If you’re shooting a lot of interiors then a tripod gives you the ability to fix your camera in a single place and light sections of your image separately and then combine them all later on in post.

Another great thing which having a tripod under your camera does, is slows you down.  It makes every photograph a little more considered as you have to consider moving your tripod around and making all the relevant adjustments. In time-sensitive situations this can be the difference between getting the shot and missing it.

A tripod is something – which you can probably tell from the look of mine – which you only have to buy once and it would last you years, so I would advise to buy right and buy once.  I’ve got a great post on tripods on the blog here if you fancy having a look.

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Tomorrow we’re going to be looking at studying your scene before you start taking the photograph. See you then.

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