It used to be that 360 degree virtual tour photography was restricted to Google Maps and only provided by limited, somewhat expensive, specialist companies.

However, over the last ten years the technology behind both the cameras and also the way the final image loads and can be navigated on a website has improved dramatically.

Plus, with Google Street View now offering users the ability to virtually venture inside a business that has provided 360 photography which meets its guidelines, this market is only going to grow in the future.

With that in mind, we’ve put together some facts and figures to help you decide if you should invest in 360 virtual tour photography for your business.

Why does my business need 360 virtual tour photography?

With recent stats suggesting that 44% of people use mapping products when searching for a business with an average of 41% of these searches  resulting in an on-site visit, it’s clear to see that there is now a huge potential market for getting your business on Google maps.

Can I see who views my business’s 360 virtual tour?

360 virtual tour photography really is the gift that keeps on giving for businesses. Of course, being on a Google platform means every click is trackable and you can follow the customer journey and gain valuable data for your sales and marketing strategy, by seeing exactly what your customers are looking at throughout the walkthrough.

Can I put 360 virtual tours on my website?

One of the best features of Google Street View is that it allows you to host your images on Street View itself and then (using an embed code, which Google provides) at the click of a button, you can put it straight onto your website.

Do I have to upload my business’s 360 photography to Google?

No. If, for some reason, you would prefer to keep your business off Google, you can host your 360 virtual tour on your company website. You can do this by choosing your own custom skin to match the current look of your website, embedding it wherever you want.

What kind of businesses need 360 virtual tour photography?

The possibilities for the implementation of this are limited only by your imagination:

Are you an estate agent wanting to give your customers the option to view houses without having to spend the man hours showing people around?

Are you a restaurant or hotel wanting to show people inside your establishment before they book?
Or how about a concert hall wanting to give ticket holders the option to choose where they sit by virtually sitting in their seats?

Well then booking a 360 virtual tour could help your business!

In short, 360 degree virtual tour photography is here to stay, and it can work for all kinds of businesses.

Get in touch if you want to discuss your requirements.

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