Those who have read previous blogs will know i’m a MASSIVE fan of Pinterest for my photography business and I have used it successfully to drive close to a million hits to my content over the last year.

These are the 5 top tips I would give to someone looking to do the same:

1 – Create Amazing Visuals

The first tip seems obvious but many people just see Pinterest as another social channel.

If you view it as a visual search engine it turns the whole platform on its head. 

In fact, in a recent study by Pinterest, 85% of Pinterest users place more importance on the visual content than the text.

So what makes a good pin?

Vertical images – Pinterest recommends a 2:3 aspect ratio with a minimum size of 1000×1500 pixels.

Keyword your description – In much the same way as you would use keywords on your website, make sure you include the keywords in your pins description.

Include your title – Use a headline that supports your content and gives the viewer an idea of the content.

Try to keep it consistent – It’s a good idea to use a consistent theme throughout your pins, this doesn’t mean that you need to bang your logo front and centre but if someone visits your profile it looks better if you have a theme running through your content.

best lenses for interior photography

Here’s an example of the type of images I create for my Pinterest page.

2 – Pin Regularly

Pinterest recommends to add new content once per day. 

This doesn’t mean you need to pin original content every day, sharing other users’ content is a really good way of getting eyeballs on your own content too.

Pinning regularly will ensure your content reaches a wide audience and send signals to Pinterest that you are contributing regularly to the platform.

Pinterest now has the functionality to schedule pins without using external software, so you don’t need to login in every day to keep your boards looking up to date.

3 – Plan Your Content

Linking back to pinning regularly, it’s also a great idea to plan your content well in advance.

If you know your content for the next month it allows you to take advantage of major holidays as well as trends in the market or new product releases.

Pinterest recommends sharing this kind of content 30-45 days in advance to give you the most amount of hits.

4 – Use Your Boards Wisely

The main page of your Pinterest account is like your shop window.

Use your boards to give other Pinners a reason to follow you.

For example, I set out my boards to help others improve their own interior and architecture photography as well as find inspiration for both genres.

Use the board descriptions to let people know what the boards are about and what they will gain from following them. 

Pinterest Profile Example

Here is how my Pinterest profile currently looks.

5 – Optimise Your Pins for SEO

Remember that Pinterest is a visual search engine and just like any search engine it needs keywords to allow your content to be discovered.

This means that you need to take a bit of time thinking about how people will find your pins.

You have up to 500 characters but try and avoid keyword stuffing.

Also, if you have a keyword which you know is popular and a lot of pinners are searching for it, use it as a hashtag to give your pin extra visibility to anyone following that hashtag.

I hope those 5 tips will help you to use Pinterest for your photograph business, if you have any more tips to help drive Pinterest growth pop them in the comments below.

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