After all the (hopefully) easily understandable technical bits we have covered over the last week, for day nine of “Creative Christmas” we’re going to get a little bit arty today and have a look at how composition can improve your photography.

At the end of the day, the most important thing in a photograph is the content. If you get the composition wrong it doesn’t matter how perfectly exposed your photograph is, people aren’t going to be drawn to it.

Start with your composition.

If you can work around this, then slight technical deficiencies which may creep in can be counteracted, it’s very easy to correct your exposure in photoshop but you’ve got no chance of changing where you stood later on.

There are a number of traditional methods for working on your techniques, the most famous of which is probably the rule of thirds.  

The easiest way to visualise this is to imagine that your photograph is divided into nine equal segments by two horizontal and two vertical lines.

The aim is to get all the important aspects of your image either running along these lines or – even better – at a point where they intersect.

For those whp studied any kind of fine art back in school, you may also be aware with the concept of the gold spiral.

There is a mathematical theory behind this, but imagine the inside of a spiralled shell and try to place your most important subject where the shell’s spiral is the tightest.

Leading lines are another great technique to lead the viewer’s eyes around an image.

You don’t have to stick with the traditional straight lines leading people forward, sort of like looking down a street.

Using diagonals or curves works just as well and can be used to enhance a photograph.

I hope you’re enjoying this little series and getting some benefit from it, please pop any comments below on how we can improve or if there is anything you want covering we will try and cover it.

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Tomorrow we’re going to stick with a similar track and have a brief discussion on trying different angles and viewpoints to help improve your photography.

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