Wondering what the best ten apps for photography are in 2018? Below is a list of ten of the best, which help from everything to planning your shoot right through to editing and posting your images.


VSCO is one of the leading mobile image editing programmes.  So if you find yourself doing a lot of phone photography or just want to have a final tweak of an image before you post it to one of your social media channels, this is a great place to start.

It is packed with features and so can feel a little overwhelming at first, but stick with it.  First off, it offers an alternative to your built-in camera and gives you more control over settings such as focus, exposure, and white balance.

Where VSCO really shines is in the editing. The basic app offers a number of basic editing options you would expect, as well as some great filters, but you can add premium filters which are great for creating realistic film effects which are all the rage now.

You can find it on the app store here or the play store here.


I’m a big user of the desktop version of this for planning shoots and it’s great to be able to carry it around in your pocket too.

It’s a really simple to use 2D sun map, which uses your current location to pinpoint where you are and give you sunrise and sunset positions, as well as the hourly position of the sun throughout the day.

You can find it on the app store here.

Star Chart

If you’re into night time photography then this app is a must. You just point your phone at the sky and it shows you, in real time, exactly where each star system is, allowing you to be certain that you’re pointing your camera in the right direction.

It also allows you to take a peek into the future and see how the start will look at a specific time – great if you’re looking to plan a trip around a certain event.

Talking about events, there are also additional packs which you can purchase to alert you to events such meteor showers and satellite paths.

You can find it on the app store here or the play store here.

My Tide Times

My Tide Times pitches itself as “The only tide times application you will ever need”. While they’re probably safe that you’re not going to be using that many tide times apps in the first place, this is definitely the most feature-packed app.

When you open the app it gives you the tide times for the closest location to you, but you can search for any location and get a 7 day tide forecast, allowing you to plan well in advance for any upcoming trip. You can also download it straight to your phone, so if you do find yourself without signal you can view it without an internet connection.

It also features over 9000 tidal stations across 40 countries, so if you do go abroad with your photography you can keep using the same app.

You can find it on the app store here or the play store here.

Met Office

There are hundreds of weather apps out there which all do a similar thing, but who better to inform you of the latest weather than the UK’s national weather service?

It allows you to view the UK as a whole and also your current location, as well as saving any number of locations if you’re travelling around a lot and don’t want to be having to search for them each time.

You can find it on the app store here or the play store here.


Anybody who is a fan of the Adobe suite will be a fan of this and for those users it will probably be a better choice than VCSO.  It’s a watered-down of Lightroom which fits in your pocket and also works via the cloud across all your platforms, seamlessly allowing you to edit images across multiple devices.

If you’re already on the subscription model for Adobe then you will be able to use all the features straight away and it has some amazing extras to add to your phone’s camera.  With improved HDR and long exposure, as well as a massive range of filters and all the usual editing tools you would need all wrapped up in a warm Adobe blanket.

You can find it on the app store here or the play store here.

Lux – Professional Light Meter

Light meters are somewhat of an extinct species now that digital cameras offer such great metering capabilities and there isn’t such pressure to nail your exposure the first time to avoid the cost of developing the film.

However, in some circumstances there is still a need to have a quick check and that’s where this app comes in handy.

You can find it on the app store here.

Hyperfocal DOF

The hyperlocal distance is the closest that you can focus to your camera lens while still keeping the objects which are at infinity sharp, great for architecture and landscape photography.

There are equations you can use to work this out if you want to get all Pythagoras on us, but this app will save you all that brain ache. Simply put your camera model, lens and aperture into the app and it will work out the hyperlocal distance for you. Magic.

You can find it on the app store here and the play store here.

Long Exposure Calculator

If you’re somebody who uses a lot of ND filters, then this app could be a life saver for you (if you’re not then read our guide here to see what you’re missing out on).

It is really simple to use. You simply put in your base shutter speed and filter which you are going to use (up to 20 stops of ND filter) and it will tell you the required shutter speed and even set a timer for you if you need to use the bulb setting on your camera.

You can find it on the app store here.


And finally, we need to (begrudgingly) include what is probably the best photo sharing app out there at the moment.

If you want that constant dopamine hit of seeing a little red heart pop up on your screen then you don’t need to look any further than Instagram. With over a billion users now on the platform, Instagram is by far the best way to get your work in front of the masses.

You can find it on the app store here or the play store here.

Is your list for the best apps for photography any different to the above?

Is there one you think that I am missing?

If so pop a comment below and I’ll take a look at it!

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