With over 50% of shoppers now preferring to shop online, it is becoming increasingly important to get the correct photography for your product. To not only help you get those initial leads, but also to convert them into repeat customers.

Here are my three tips on how to produce product photography which will blow your competitors out of the water:

1. Refine your idea

A great way to begin the creative process, before you have even met with your photographer, is to use sites such as Pinterest to get an idea of what your competitors are doing and also what imagery inspires you and you feel would represent your brand or product the most.

Then, working alongside your photographer (ideally me), it’s time to refine those ideas down and produce a concept which is truly unique to your product and will grab your customers’ attention from the moment they see it.

2. Be truthful

In much the same way that you wouldn’t embellish the features or benefits of your product in your online descriptions, there is no benefit to producing imagery which aims to sell your product in a way which isn’t true to the product. All you will gain here is a large returns department and it is very hard to regain a customer once you have lost them with your initial offering.

3. Choose the correct photographer

This may seem really obvious but no two photographers were created the same. Much like you wouldn’t go to a chiropodist because you want an eye test, you shouldn’t go to a photographer who devotes their time to weddings to shoot your products.

With nearly a decade of experience in shooting products for clients such as Converse, Nintendo and Adidas, Jak Spedding has the technical ability and creative know-how to turn even the simplest of product shots into something which is truly world class.

Offering services from simple cut-out images on a white background:

All the way up to full concept and execution:

If you want to discuss your product photography needs, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. It won’t be as expensive as you think and you can get fantastic results like this!
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