Instagram is now massive, with over 1 billion current users.  As well as the usual cat and pictures of your mates food it is also a great repository for find some of the best architecture photographers.

Below are five of the best architecture photographers to follow on Instagram who produce amazing images from around the world to hopefully inspire you to get out there and create some amazing architecture photography of your own!.


If you enjoy the grungier side of architecture then this feed is for you.

Based in London, Rory’s work has a very film-like quality to it, which is quite refreshing if you’re used to looking at clean cut lines.


Hufton and Crow describe themselves as “two blokes who take photographs”.  They maybe underselling themselves a little bit there.

Their Instagram feed shows a wide selection of their work, including a great deal of aerial work as well as images of their travels, giving you a behind the scenes pass with some of the best architectural photographers in the world.


March Valencia is not an individual person but a collection of architects and designers who offer architecture based courses. The images here are a selection of their work.

This feed is full of super clean lines and gorgeous evening lighting and great care has been taken to make this feed a pleasure to scroll through.

Taking you though a spectrum of colours as you scroll down it’s a perfect lesson on how to curate your own feed.


If you love the abstract details then this feed by Amsterdam based Dirk Bakker could be the one for you.

He classes himself as an amateur photographer but has clients which include Architectural Digest and the Huffington Post. Originalyl trained in graphic design he describes his own work as “PhotoGraphic”.

“I see a big connection between architecture and graphic design. It’s all about shapes, form, layout and patterns as well as constructing things, putting things together. The way I view and shoot the world is strongly influenced by this love.”


My final choice, is perhaps the most obvious to choose with an Instagram handle such as @the_architecture_photographer but if you’re into your more traditional architecture photography this one may not be for you. 

Paul Eis, an architecture student, takes images of seemingly normal buildings, digitally isolates them on a plain blue background and then introduces strong colours to emphasise the buildings strong architectural lines. 

The final result looks great as a stand alone image but when it’s seen in an Instagram feed it looks nothing short of breath taking.

That’s my list of the five best architectural photographers on Instagram.

Are there any architectural photographers on Instagram who you think I may have missed off my list? If so, pop me a comment below and share the goodness.

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