In the current digital climate of everything having to be done right away, one of the hardest things to do in photography can be to slow the process down – but it can also be one of the best things for your work.

Pressure which you feel, either from clients or the feeling of needing to be constantly updating your social media can really affect the quality of your work and it’s very easy to get into a cycle of producing sub-standard work really quickly.

Some of the lower paying clients will like this, but you’re never going to be able to move up the ladder once you get stuck there.

In a commercial environment, if you do have clients who are putting too much pressure on you, it can be hard – but then they’re probably not the right clients for you.  

It’s important to explain to them, ideally before a job, how much time it’s going to take and why it’s going to take that time.

If they want a certain amount of quality it is obviously going to take a little bit longer than just knocking out a few shots, this is why they pay you for what you do and it’s important you stick to your creative guns.

It’s vital to thoroughly plan a shoot beforehand.  

Make sure you have everything ready so that you’re not rushing around on the day of the shoot and you can channel all your energy into being creative rather than wondering where you put a lens.

Walk around wherever you are going to be shooting beforehand and consider all the factors which could affect your shoot, a quick five minutes now could save you hours later on.

As the shoot unfolds, take the time to consider everything before you start pressing the shutter, check your exposure and composition so that you’re not having to repeat shots which will make you waste time and feel pressured to work faster as the shoot goes on.

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