I’ve done loads of posts on what I think are the best lenses for interior photography but it’s time to put my profession on the line and state what I believe to be the best lens for interior photography.


Canon 17mm TS-E

That’s right, my favourite lens for interior photography is the beast which is the Canon 17mm TS-E.

Canon 17mm TS-E

I’ve chosen this lens because it’s in my kit bag 100% of the time and takes on the majority of my interior work.

Firstly, it’s got that little red line around it which signifies its an L lens and belongs to Canon’s professional line up of lenses. This isn’t just something to show off to other photographers, it means the build and quality of the glass is among the best you can get.  

Canon has taken years to develop this lineup of lenses and it shows. 

Mine has been with me for years and it gets fairly bashed around travelling thousands of miles a year with me and it has never missed a beat which is exactly what you need from professional grade kit.

Secondly, the fact this lens is so wide on a full frame camera lets me cover a wide range of subjects (excuse the pun).

For many shooters outside of the UK, the 24mm TS-E may be your lens of choice but a lot of spaces in the UK which I shoot are quite a bit smaller than elsewhere in the world and that extra few mm really helps me get the shots that I need. 


The 17mm allows me to capture really wide spaces such as this.

Which leads me on to the third reason I love this lens.

It pairs up with the Canon 1.4x extender to give a budget 24mm tilt shift lens.  So if I ever need a slightly narrower field of vision it’s possible without carrying the extra lens (and without the extra expense).

There will be a few readers who scream that the image quality will suffer but apart from having to apply a lens correction of -2 for each shot i’ve noticed no loss of quality.

You do lose a stop of light but it’s not a major issue as 99% of the time for interior photography your camera is going to be mounted to a tripod.

Here’s a few sample interior photography images shot on the 17mm TS-E: 


So that’s what I believe to be the best lens for interior photography but what’s yours?

Let me know in the comments below.

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