Hello and welcome to the second week in my “Creative Christmas” series.

If you have been following them so far then thank you, if not then please do check back as we have covered the basics of your camera which have brought us to this point.

Today we’re going to go over what to do before even getting your camera out of your bag.

It’s important (especially if you’re on a paid job) to turn up early to a shoot and just have a look around.  

Have a look at the light and see if this will affect the plans you had for the shoot. If you’re shooting a specific place or product, is everything where it should be or does it need you to walk around and tidy the place up before you can start shooting?

There are a few great apps that I use to plan a shoot and also when I turn up to shoots. I’ve done an in-depth blog post on that, so if you fancy learning a little bit more then check that out here.  

The most important one for me though is Suncalc.

This is a really simple app which shows you exactly where the sun is going to be, great if you’re shooting things like architecture and landscapes where knowing where the sun will be can literally make or break your photograph.  

It is, however, not so great when you’re inside.

Apps like Lux Light Meter Pro can really help you out, it’s a really basic light meter on your iPhone, providing you with exposure settings which can help you plan a shoot without having to get your camera out.

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Anyway, check back tomorrow and we’re going to briefly cover how to go consider your composition before taking a photograph.

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