Whether you’re a fledgling startup company or a well established brand, we all know that investing in the right photography not only improves the image of your business, but also, more importantly, can increase sales. Here are my five tips on why hiring a professional photographer (ideally me) is so important.

1. Be an individual

Hiring the correct professional photographer allows you to produce images which are truly bespoke to your brand, making you stand out from the crowd, something which stock photography just cannot provide.

2. SEO

Up to 60% of web traffic can come directly from your customer finding your image before they find your website. If you have the same stock photography as everybody else in your sector, you’re diluting the chance of them choosing you over a competitor.

3. Elevate your social media to the next level

The correct image increases interaction.

Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets and Facebook posts with images enjoy 2.3 times more interaction. It’s clear to see that having the correct professional photographer in place can help boost your business’s brand.

A recent study, by online publisher Mashable, and EyeTrackShop, found that people spend less time looking at a cover photo on Facebook than at a company’s wall post or advertisement.

This puts tremendous pressure on that initial image to make a great first impression. With the right photographer in place, that impression can always be the right one.

4. Customer peace of mind

A quality product deserves quality photography.

If you’re selling your product or service, either on online or in print, the chances are the first time a customer handles your product is after they have purchased it.

This means the images need to represent your product in a way which not only sells it at a premium to get the sale in the first place, but also in a way which manages a customer’s expectation, in order to keep that sale and make your customer come back time and time again.

5. Personal touch

By using a professional photographer, you get the wealth of experience that comes with them too.

They get to know your company and can tailor their product to your individual needs.

The trained eye of the photographer knows how to capture your product in the correct light.

With close to a decade of commercial photography experience in Lancashire and the North West, ranging from product and food right through to interiors, Jak Spedding has the ability to grasp the potential from any given project. Enabling him to produce work that will enhance the image of your business.

If you want to discuss your professional photography needs, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. It won’t be as expensive as you think and you can get fantastic results like this!

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