So you’ve decided to take your interior photography to the next level?


This course features 6 high-quality and concise videos featuring hands-on demonstrations, and more than 10 hours of content to help you achieve quality, consistent images anywhere, anytime.

I go through an exhaustive kit list, including the best cameras, lens, tripods and accessories to allow you to capture the best images, along with an in-depth discussion on all the settings you will need to use on your camera.

I will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating amazing interior images from original concept right through to your editing.

Hi, I’m Jak and i’ve been a professional photographer specialising in interiors for the past 10 years.

Here’s how I can help you:


  • Over the past ten years I’ve worked with some huge international brands and I’ve condensed all that I’ve learned into this course.
  • Throughout my photography career, I’ve probably made every mistake in the book, so that you don’t have to! This course will help you avoid all the common pitfalls and supercharge how you learn interior photography.
  • This course will take you deeper into interior photography than anything else out there, giving you industry insider tips to really improve your interior photography.

Lifetime access


You can make your way through all the videos and supporting content in your own time and you are able to watch them as many times as you want. This also gives you access to new videos as they are updated on a regular basis.

Online Community

You will get 24/7 access to our exclusive Facebook group. This allows you to share your work from the course and receive instant feedback as well as ask any questions you may have.

Money Back Guarantee


If you are not 100% satisfied then all you need to do is get in contact and we will send you out a full refund.

What do we cover in the course?

Check out the video below to find out more!

  • The best camera for interior photography
  • The best lenses for interior photography
  • The best tripod for interior photography
  • Accessories for interior photography
  • Basic camera settings
  • The best aperture for interior photography
  • Focal length for interior photography
Flash for interior photography
  • Flash Settings
  • Achieving an Exposure with Flash
  • Principles of Light
  • Orientation to Modifiers
  • Colour and White Balance with Flash
Advanced Topics
  • Shooting tethered
  • Growing a social media presence for your interior photography
  • Marketing your business
Retouching your interior photography
  • Working with layers in photoshop
  • Using a Wacom tablet for interior photography
  • HDR

This course is great!

John Smith

Photographer, John Smith Photography

Are you ready to take your interior photography to the next level?