Do you currently use Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy for your photography business?

If not, you could be missing out on a huge amount of traffic to your website.

In the past, Pinterest has been seen as just another social media channel and got a bit of a name for itself as a female-centric platform. Yet with 40% of new sign ups being male, it’s become a much more rounded place to put your content.

Growth is key for any channel and Pinterest grew its user base by 26% last year, taking it to 335 million people, making it the third largest social media channel in the US.

Can you really afford to be missing out on this boom?

Why use Pinterest for your photography business?

Here are some great reasons to introduce Pinterest into your marketing strategy:

  • Pinterest is a visual search engine, currently the only social media platform to offer visual search. With 62% of Gen Zers and millennials wanting to be able to search visually, that’s a huge potential market
  • Pinterest boosts your exposure. Pinners like to discover new content, 77% of users regularly discover new brands of products on the platform
  • Pinners are using Pinterest to search for ideas on topics they are already interested in, meaning they are highly engaged. Unlike many other social media channels – where you are interrupting people’s day – here, users find it useful.

Pinterest – know the lingo

Before we go into how to set up your account, it’s important to get to know some of the common words and phrases you may come across on Pinterest.

  • Pinner – the branded term for a user of Pinterest
  • Pin – a post published to Pinterest
  • RePin – this is effectively when someone shares your pin and pins it to their own board
  • Rich Pins – this provides more information on the pin. They come in four formats: Product Pins, Recipe Pins, Article Pins and App Pins
  • Promoted Pin – a pin which a company has paid to promote
  • Boards – used to group pins around a certain theme or subject
  • Insights – if you have a business account, you have access to analytics
  • Pincodes – this is Pinterest’s equivalent of a QR code, used to link back to your own content.

How to set up your Pinterest business account

For the purpose of this, I’m going to take you through setting up a Pinterest business account over a personal account.

If you’ve already got a personal account, you can convert it to a business account.

Head to:

Enter the email you want to use, choose a new password then click Create account.

How to set up Pinterest - 1

Follow Pinterest’s instructions to choose your language and location and then add your business name

This will be your public name, so use a name you want people to see and then add a description which fits what your business does and a link back to your website.

How to set up Pinterest - 2

Fill your profile out

Click the pencil icon beside your name and fill out your profile information, add a profile photo and complete your about section.

How to set up Pinterest - 3

Claim your website

While in this section, scroll down a couple of tabs and click Claim. This allows you to track analytics from your website and links back to your profile with a follow button if anyone pins anything from your website.

How to set up Pinterest - 4

Connect any social media channels you have

This makes sure that you get attributed when your content from social media is pinned.

Create your first board

On your profile, click create in the top left and select pin. Don’t worry if you’ve not already set up your boards – this is the quickest way to do it.

How to set up Pinterest - 5

At the top right – next to publish – there is a drop down menu to create a board.

How to set up Pinterest - 6

Once it has been created, go to your profile and click the pencil icon on the board.

Add a description which tells people what this board is about. Be sure to include all the keywords you want the board to be found for.

Make sure you choose the correct category and choose a cover photo to represent the board.

How to set up Pinterest - 7

Create a Pin

Click create again in the top left and choose pin.

Add your title and description – make sure you use keywords in your description so it can be found easily.

Add a link which you want the pin to direct to and add a relevant image – make sure it’s eye-catching and relevant to the topic.

How to set up Pinterest - 8

All the Pinterest image dimensions can be found here.

Choose the board you have just created to add it to, hit publish and bask in your own glory.

Now you have your account and your first pin up it’s important to start following some of your fellow pinners and creating your community, if you want to check my account out, you can find me here.

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