In a previous post, I discussed how to use your new headshot photography to its full potential. In this post i’m going to go a little deeper and give five tips on how to get the best headshot.

1. Get a professional headshot photographer

Obviously, this starts with choosing the best photographer you can afford (ideally, me).

Hopefully the professional headshot photographer you choose will have years of experience with shooting people so can put you at ease in front of the camera and the results they produce from their technical knowledge will help show your confidence by knowing how to correctly light your face type to bring out the best in your features.

2. Make sure your personality shines through

Smile with your eyes. Although I’ve never yet met anybody who has the ability to curl the corners of their eyelids and produce 32 brilliantly pearly whites, there is method in this madness.

Most people will look at your eyes before anything else, so if you can capture them with your gaze then the chances are you will hold their attention.

Headshot Photography Manchester

3. Clothing

Simple one. Ensure your clothing is ironed and if you have a cat or dog then a lint roller should be your best friend for ten minutes before the shoot.

4. Is it fit for purpose?

This is a point which is often overlooked but with the amount of different social media platforms around at the moment which all require your profile picture in different formats it is important that your headshot fits within all of the major required dimensions.

It’s no good having the best headshot in the world on your website and then realising half your head is cut off when it’s dropped into your LinkedIn page.

A safe way around this, which isn’t foolproof but a great starting point, is to shoot it to fit into a square format, that way if it is needed in a portrait or landscape format you can add negative space to the image.

5. Keep it recent

Perhaps the most important of all is to keep it recent.

If you’re new to a networking group or meeting somebody for the first time and all they have to recognise you by is your headshot which is twenty years out of date and your hair is a different colour, then it’s time to give your photographer a call.

I would recommend you update your headshot at least every other year to keep it current.

Headshot Photography Preston

With close to a decade of experience in professional photography, Lancashire based photographer, Jak Spedding, has the ability to bring out the best in you, in order to produce a headshot photography which you will be proud to show to everybody that you meet.

If you want to discuss your photography needs and receive fantastic results, then please, get in touch.

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