If you were listening at all yesterday then you will know that having expensive camera equipment doesn’t always mean that you’ll take good photos.

There are some amazing images out there taken on nothing more than a smartphone.

Today we’re going to cover some ways to improve your photography craft without having to break the bank.

Instead of buying ten different lenses, invest in some fantastic photography books or try attending a course to improve your work and also talk with other like-minded people.

By looking at the work of others, not only do you get inspired, you come away with ideas to improve your own photos.

There are loads of blogs and websites which can also provide you with great information, which is all for free. Sites like Fstoppers and 1200iso are great directories for these, I’d just avoid some of the clickbait titles.

Free online video resources such as Youtube are a wealth of information.  There are so many people out there now offering tutorials like this for free to try and get more people involved from both a hobby and professional point of view.

Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can also be great for learning from other people who are on a similar learning curve as yourself – you just need to remember not to compare yourself to everybody.

People will 99% of the time only display their best work online and they aren’t showing you all the hard work that it took them to get there.

That’s it for today’s Creative Christmas, check back in tomorrow to learn a little bit about post-processing or that dirty word of photoshop.

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