Are you looking for blogs to inspire and teach you more about interior and architecture photography?

Blogs by other photographers are a great way to get those creative juices flowing and pick up little tips and tricks and how other photographers approach jobs which can help you in your own practise.

I’ve compiled a few of my favourites below which I regularly check on:


Peter Molick


I came across Peter’s work through Instagram and he posts some amazing tutorials!

As well as his Instagram, Peter’s blog which can be found here and Youtube channel are absolutely packed with really useful tips to help improve your interior photography.


If you’ve not already checked out Dezeen, it’s probably the largest architecture and design website out there.

If you want to see the best new buildings out there then Dezeen is the place to go and is a great place to find inspiration and ideas on how to shoot your next project.

They’re also got a great events section, so if you’re looking to get out into the real world and meet potential clients and collaborators, this would be a great place to start.


Lightforge Photography


Lightforge Photography is run by Dennis Radermacher, a photographer based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Dennis posts a tonne of amazing content on his blog showing how he works as well as providing some of his DIY methods for getting around issues he has faces with kit, such as this handy 3D printed knob extension for the Canon tilt shift lenses.



Apalmanac is the brainchild of Mike Kelley, who many will probably know through his Fstoppers tutorials.

The best way to describe it is Fstoppers for architectural photographers.

Most of the writers are architectural photographers and it (mainly) avoids the clickbait type “why you should never buy x camera unless you want to go blind” style posts.

As well as showing a host of projects from current architectural photographers, it also provides some of the best posts on the business side of architectural photography, covering subject such as copyright, licensing and pricing. 

Be warned though it is heavily American focussed so much of it may not be relevant if you’re working in Europe.


Matthew Anderson


While not technically a blog, Matthew Anderson’s Youtube account is a goldmine for tips and tricks related to interior and architecture photography.

There are a lot of Youtube videos covering the topics but i’ve found Matthew’s to be among the best and his production value is really high.

That’s my list of the best blog for interior and architecture photography, i’ll keep adding to this so make sure to check back and if you have any suggestions which you think I have missed, be sure to put a comment below.

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