If you’re just starting out then being part of a local photography community could be really great in helping you to develop.

There are loads of local meetups for camera enthusiasts where you can go and meet people who have similar interests to yourself, swap ideas and give each other tips.  

Some studios also offer a couple of nights a month for people to go and practise with hired flash lighting and they usually provide you with a model, so if you’re struggling to get people in front of your camera then these can be a great way to get some practice in.

There are also national photographic bodies in the UK, such as the British Institute of Photographers and Association of Photographers which are usually application only bodies, so they come with a cost but will provide you with training and events days where you can go and meet practising photographers as well as providing online support.

Places such as Instagram can be great for finding your “tribe” online and are great for receiving instant feedback on your work.

Just be aware that people will say things online that they perhaps wouldn’t in real life, sometimes this can be a good thing as it could be honest feedback you may not otherwise get but other times it could just be plain hurtful – and it’s important to recognise the difference.  

There are, of course, loads of online forums and photography news sites to suit whatever your style is.

The best place to start with them is probably a quick Google but places like FStoppers and 1200iso are a great place to start if you can ignore the clickbait titles.

Tomorrow, we’re going start rounding it all up and discuss how practising will improve your craft.

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