LinkedIn is booming right now, with over 303 million monthly active users, 40% of which log on daily, it is a social channel that cannot be ignored if you want to win more photography jobs.

It’s growing with 173,000 new users every day so now is a great time to use it to get in front of your target client.

If you’re still not convinced then this infographic from Neil Patel should do the job:

So now you know the benefits it’s time to optimise your profile to help you pick up more photography jobs

Update Your Headline

The first thing most people are going to see is your headline.

If you don’t set one, LinkedIn will use your most recent job description.

You’re given 100 characters to describe your job role but it’s important to realise on mobile only ~30 characters will be shown.

If you waste those first 30 characters with waffle, then chances are people aren’t clicking your profile. 

Keep it simple and describe exactly what you do and how you can help people.

Create a Banner Image

Once people are on your page, it’s important you use all the real estate given to you, the biggest draw is your banner image.

It’s a really easy to remember dimension: 1128×191 pixels.  Make sure you use it all.

Stick your website in there, a small portfolio or social links but just make sure you use it.

LinkedIn also offers you the option of including some links below your banner image, it’s a good idea to include a link to your website and also, if you have one set up, a link to your company page.

Use the Featured Section

Recently, LinkedIn has given you the option to feature certain items of your profile.

This includes links, published articles and PDFs.

If you have a PDF version of your portfolio, this is a great place to use it.

Write Articles

Articles are a fantastic way to show how much you know about your profession.

Think of them as a blog post which is shared amongst your connections.

You can put links back to your own website in these so they are a great way of driving an extra bit of traffic too.

Get Endorsements and Recommendations

The final tip to improve your LinkedIn profile to win more photography jobs is to get endorsements and recommendations.

Endorsements are a way for people who visit your profile to endorse you for certain skills and are a great way to validate the strengths found in your profile.

Recommendations carry a bit more gravity, you can ask for a recommendation and it appears as a review of your services on your profile.

Everyone likes to know that they’re making the right choice, so having reviews on your profile is a good way to show you’re the real deal.

Bonus Tip

Promoting your LinkedIn profile is much easier with a custom URL which matches your other social media profiles.

To do this, simply go to your profile and click “Edit Public Profile & URL” and it will give you the option to personalise the URL for your profile.

Armed with these 5 top tips you should be able to smash your LinkedIn game, while you’re on there drop me a connection request and let me know how you’re getting on.

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