Chances are that you’re currently stuck indoors with very little actual paid work to carry out. Rather than seeing this as a negative, let’s take this as a time to grow and do all those things we never had the time to do a few months ago. 

Here are five things you can be doing to grow your photography business while you’re not working.

Update your website

Your website is your shop window and it’s open 24/7.

It’s important to have it looking as great as possible, so take some and remove any old work and put your new work up.

You should do this across all your social media channels too, if there is work there that you’re not proud of, get rid.

Once you have your best images on show, you need to make sure your website is working behind the scenes.

Take some time to improve your SEO.

The higher you rank on Google, the more clients are going to find you.

Companies such as Moz offer great services to help your improve the technical side of your website.

If you’re looking for free training check out Fuel Your Photos on Facebook, it’s a group of photographers taking part in weekly challenges, videos and podcasts.

Get that portfolio printed

Now is the time to be going through your portfolio.

This doesn’t just mean your online portfolio, take the time to really curate your work and choose your best 10-20 shots and get them in a printed portfolio.

If you’re regularly meetings clients face to face, a printed portfolio is going to make a much better impression.

Caleb Kerr, has a great video on putting together your first portfolio book here:

I got my portfolio from Hartnack & Company and they also have a great buying guide on their website.

Self development is key

Becoming a better photographer doesn’t always mean taking a better photograph.

There are many courses out there which you can take to help you improve your business.

The easiest of these is to read more.

Hundred of titles have been written on the subjects of business and self improvement but if reading isn’t your thinking Audible offers a 30 day trial of their audio book service.

I find audio books great for listening to while commuting or when i’m doing tasks which don’t require full concentration.

It’s great to polish up on other skills too, such as keeping on top of all the latest Adobe updates. If you can learn some new Photoshop skills now it could improve your offering tenfold in the future.

Setting aside time now to practise skills which you have always wanted to learn will give you more tools in your arsenal when work picks up again.

Many companies are also currently offering free access or extended trials to their resources, check some of them out in my covid 19 resources guide.

Grow your network

The whole world is connected right now so it is the best time to be building your digital network.

This means taking to your social media channels and growing a community.

Take the time each day to be proactive on social, I don’t mean just mindless scrolling until your thumb hurts, use the downtime to connect and spark up conversations with people who you can help going forward.

If you want a bit more help with that, check out my covid 19 marketing post.

Take stock of all your equipment

Every photographer has bought equipment they don’t need over the years.

Whether it’s a lens that only came out of the bag once or some lighting which is just gathering dust, now is the time to sell off anything you don’t need.

Services such as MPB will buy used gear and also let you trade it in against purchasing new kit.

Hopefully this post has given you some great ways to use your time while you’re not out taking photographs.

Use this downtime to help your business and your photography grow in the long run.

How will you be using your time at home?

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