Whether you’re a commercial photographer or just enjoy photographing interiors for fun, this post will give you the five essential pieces of equipment you need for interior photography.

If you get these five bits of gear you’ll be able to get great results each time you take an interior photograph. So have a look below to find out what essentials should be in your interior photography bag.

Camera for interior photography

The first, and perhaps most obvious item you’re going to need is a camera.

There are a load of options out there for budding interior photographers, I’d recommend starting out with a full frame camera if your budget can stretch that far. For more explanation on why, check out my best camera for interior photography post.

It doesn’t matter which system you choose, despite what the internet will tell you. All the major camera brands are very similar in terms of quality and it will come down to what you feel most comfortable with.

I’ve put together this handy best cameras for interior photography guide if you want a hand with choosing.

Lens for interior photography

Next on your list should be a good lens for interior photography.

For your first interior photography lens, I would be looking for something which covers a range of focal lengths.

Something like the Canon 24-70 or if you’re a bit more budget conscious the 24-105mm both offer a great starting point to build on for your interior photography kit.

Once you have your first lens you can start to add more lenses in, for more information on the lenses I would recommend for interior photography, check out my best lenses for interior photography post.


Tripod for interior photography

For your third essential piece of interior photography gear, you’re going to want to grab yourself a sturdy tripod to hold your camera and lens steady.

There are loads of benefits to getting a tripod, which I’ve covered in this post on how to avoid camera shake but generally you’re going to want to buy the best one you can afford as a good tripod will last you much longer than any other piece of equipment on this list.

I use a Benro C3770TN, which I discuss in more detail here (LINK) but there are loads of great options out there for varying budgets.

Check out my interior photography tripod buying guide, if you want some more info.

Laptop for interior photography

Next on my list of interior photography gear would be a good laptop (or at a stretch an ipad).

Something which is portable is a must for interior photography as you will often be moving around quite a bit.  

If you’re wanting to shoot tethered, whereby your camera shoots directly to your laptop, which has the benefits of being able to edit in real time and see your images larger than the 3” screen on the back of your camera, then a laptop is a must.

Like most people working in a creative space I use a Macbook Pro, it’s small form factor and graphic capabilities give me everything I need to do most of my editing off-site too.


Lighting for interior photography

The final piece of equipment in our interior photography bag would be a good strobe light.

If you are starting out you can probably get away with a basic flashgun like the Canon 600EX but soon you’re going to want to upgrade to something with a bit more power.

I’d start with something around the 500 watt mark but if you can afford 1000 watts – or even better, two lights – then that would be the way to go.

I’ve written a post on the best lights for interior photography to get you started but don’t be afraid to buy something older while you get to grips with using flash and see what you like about the different brands. 

My system is pushing 20 years old and still works perfectly so a good investment will pay you back with interest. 

So there is my list of 5 ESSENTIAL pieces of equipment you need for interior photography, is there something you would add to the list? If so pop it in the comments below.


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